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The second original single is out now from THE BLACK TUESDAYS,
Return to Glory is an original heavy metal anthem in the NWOBHM
style with lyrics any metal head can appreciate.

This MP3 is high def 320kbs available only direct from us. You can get the lower bit rate version from Amazon or Itunes if you prefer.

Headbangers enjoy, much more to come!


The Archies single Sugar, Sugar, written by producer Jeff Barry with Andy Kim, was the number-one selling record of 1969 in the United States. The song lists at number 73 on Billboard's Greatest Songs of All Time.

Don Kirshner has said that when 'The Monkees' were offered the song that Mike Nesmith put his fist through the wall of the Beverly Hills Hotel refusing to do Sugar, Sugar.

Unlike Mike, we love this song.

We always wanted to do a grittier, guitar heavy version of this classic song. The hooks are incredible and it really pre-dates Def Leppard's 'pour some sugar on me' as the pre-eminate 'sticky, sweet ' pop tune.

We kept the original tempo and feel (it's too good to change) and really stuck to the classic Chuck Rainey bass line to capture the same intoxicating groove.

We hope you like it as much as we do......enjoy!

This is the 320kbs version available only here. If you want the 128kbs version it is available at


Man in Black music is proud to announce the release of its first official Black Tuesdays music video When the Dogs Come Home, out now on Vimeo and YouTube

The video features Alexander and April Tuesday of The Black Tuesdays. The video was inspired by several films from The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to Death Proof. We are happy to release it in time for Halloween, our favorite time of the year.


The Third Single from The Black Tuesdays is now out.

"Baby It's You" was written by Burt Bacharach (music), and Luther Dixon (credited as Barney Williams) and Mack David (lyrics). It was recorded by the Shirelles and the Beatles, and became hits for both. The highest-charting version of "Baby It's You" was by the band Smith, who took the song to number five on the US charts in 1969.

"We really love all the versions, but for us the Smith version has always had a special place in our hearts, so we used that arrangement but with an Iron Maiden style bass and drum beat topped off with a Deep Purple kind of feel." Alexander Tuesday

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